Why You Should Read This Blog

Wouldn’t you do anything you could to help your dog live longer AND live better? If I could give you a crystal ball so you could see your dog 13 years from now, would you expect to see a sedentary, severely disabled and obviously uncomfortable older dog, or would you see an active, engaged and enabled older dog?  Which would you rather see?

AgeProofYourDog.wordpress.com helps you choose the right path for your dog now so that the better of those two aging options is eventually achieved, and gives you the tools to manage the twists and turns along the way.

This blog will help you help your dog age successfully.  It will provide information that you can use to predict which health problems might occur in your dog, so that you can be proactive about them, and so that, teamed with your veterinarian, you can possibly prevent some of them.  It will relate some of the aging changes you will inevitably see in your dog with those that occur in humans, and allow you to recognize how it might feel to BE an aging dog.

Aging in your dog is will happen.  And it will occur fast in comparison to you. There are many changes associated with aging that we can avoid, some we cannot, and some we just have to learn to live with.  But, since some changes associated with aging are at least predictable, we can take steps early in our dog’s life that modify the degree to which those changes affect how well he/she lives in old age. The fundamental point here is the word “well”  – in the best health possible, in comfort, in dignity, in joy – and the steps to aging well start while our dogs are young.  Good nutrition, exercise, anticipatory care of medical problems – all starting early in life – can make the difference between disability and ability later on in life.

AgeProofYourDog.wordpress.com guides you from the moment you looked into your dog’s eyes and knew THAT was the right one, to the moment you will look in your older dog’s eyes and still see that same spark that called to you that first time. It will help you recognize what your dog has, what your dog needs and gives you the tools to meet those needs.

Education and instruction are provided so that you can maintain and promote your dog’s mental and physical health for as many years as possible. Trends to watch for in young adulthood, middle age and the senior years are described, and instructions given on how to modify those trends through mental and tactile stimulation, in-home physical therapy, and adjustments in the home environment. Guidance for the timely intervention with use of medications, supplements, and complementary medicine is provided.

Above all, AgeProofYourDog.wordpress.com gives you, the dog owner, the ability to guide your dog positively, optimistically, knowledgably and confidently through your dog’s aging process – which, of course, started long before you picked THAT one out.  Aging is inevitable, but it is not a disease – it is more of a compromise. And compromise is NOT a dirty word, except maybe in Washington.

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